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Site Content & Design: User Notifications


Curator supports adding a text banner across the top of individual pages. These can either be created on a per-menu-item basis, or set globally to appear across every page on your site.

To create a notice:

  1. Login to the backend of your Curator instance (e.g. http://curatorexample.com/backend).
  2. Navigate to the Content > Notices section from the left-hand menu.
  3. Create the notice by filling out the title and body of the notice.
  4. Click the checkboxes at the bottom of the page next to the menu links you would like the notice to be associated with.
  5. Save the notice to create it.
  6. (optional) After the notice has been saved/created, you can now check the "Set this as the Global Notice"checkbox and save again to set the global notice.