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    Embedding & Using Analytics: Dashboards

    Curator excels at showcasing embedded Tableau dashboards as a seamless part of your Curator site.

    *Note: Due to limitations in Tableau's JS API we do not support embedding worksheets. We recommend adding a worksheet to a dashboard instead.

    To create a dashboard:

    1. Navigate to the backend of the system (e.g. https://www.site.com/backend) and log in if prompted.
    2. Navigate to Tableau > Dashboards.
    3. Click on the "New Dashboard" button.
    4. Fill out the Tableau Server, Site, Project, Workbook and Dashbaord drop-downs to select the dashboard you'd like to embed.
    5. Populate the remainder of the fields as desired and click on the "Create" button.

    Dashboard Sizes

    Curator respects the dashboard sizes applied in Tableau. We experience that a fixed size ensures consistency in design throughout many screensizes. You wonder what the best suitable size is? Consider the size of your users' screens. How much space do you need for navigation, titles, toolbar buttons and margins you want to apply. Do you have dashboards that should take up the full remaining screen? Go to Tableau and set its size to automatic and the dashboard will stretch to all ends in Curator.