Forms & Write-back 

Take care of any last-mile data needs with simple user-input forms with Curator.  

While your users are analyzing reams of data, often you need to get simple inputs from them while they're doing analysis - whether its to feed a totally new datasource, or a way to get feedback from what your users think about your dashboards, Curator's Data Manager Forms make harvesting simple data from your audience a breeze.

Data Write back for Tableau Dashboards
Capture valuable feedback, instantly accessible

After sifting and sorting through reams of data, performance tuning and design, a dashboard can still require some fine-tuning and last-mile data input. Curator's Mark-Commenting integrates form-submissions into your dashboards seamlessly. Users don't need to know what a database is, or how to connect to SQL to give you valuable data: they can just point, click, type and submit.

Form Management
Create flexible forms

Access requests, feedback, data-ingestion and more! Curator lets you build flexible forms with complex validation rules making sure your users are submitting the right data. You can gather all the important data you need.  Plus, if you need any help with moving your data around our expert consultants can help you with moving the data where it needs to go.

Web-based Data Management
Allow anyone, or just a group, to update data

Curator lets you limit data-updates to administrators, open it up to any user, or limit it to a subset of users. Allowing you to control who can see the data, who can update the data, and who can submit the data. Flexible for any of your form-based data workflow needs.

Send data to Webhooks
Break down data silos - increase interactivity 
(Coming Soon) 

Curator lets your users click on a data-point in Tableau, fill out a form, and send that data to whatever data-processing service you need! Users can input data to immediately send form-inputs to a database, they can relay comments to an external CRM, or forward on datas to an email service. Wherever you want to send your data, Curator can help.