User Adoption

Find the needle in your digital haystack.  

Your audience is ignoring important insights, not intentionally - they just can't keep track of it all. Curator can hep you do all the sifting for them. You can feature content, use Curator's recommendation algorithm, or allow your users to favorite content so they know just where to find their most valuable data. Don't let your hard work suffer from obscurity, let Curator be a spotlight that illuminates and enlightens.

Discover insights across your Analytics Stack
Empower your users with small nudges

PDFs, embeds, Power BI, Tableau, files... ZOMG! Overwhelmed by how much content you have to keep track of? Imagine how your audience feels. Curator helps you create order out of all that chaos. Add keywords to your content, and give your users a guardrail to discover data with ease.  Cut across the maze of different URLs, and let them filter and sort across everything you want them to find.