White Labelling & Branding

Give your data an identity.

Your data is only as good as the trust you've built with your audience.  Branding is key to extending that trust through every interaction, every decision and every revelation.  Not only Can Curator showcase your brand, it can extend your brand - following your dashboards as they get exported, emailed, and showcased on screens and slide-decks.  Your audience may never even know what platform your data was built in, Curator gives you all the credit.

Organize By Department, not by Data
Reduce time spent finding data

Many teams utilize Tableau and other platforms for heavy data platforms.  But it can be a maze to an outsider trying to navigate files and folders that are all constructed to make an analyst's life easier.  Build out a menu in Curator that reflects the way your executives think about the business.  No more complex deep-linking, or nested sub-folder upon sub-folder.  Pare your content down in your executive portal to serve the most relevant data to your audience - keeping the noise away from your audience who needs peace and quiet the most.

Brand Your Work
Executives show off insights alot - keep your brand in context

When your executive team finds a valuable insight, you can bet they're going to share it! But when they're constantly showing vendor's logos, it can dilute and side-track important conversations around insight and decision-making. Keeping your brand in place at all times makes sure the most important conversations stay on track.

Store Filter Selections
Saving you Clicks

Have a team who needs the same report, but filtered down to their exact region or area? Report Builder stores filter selections and keeps them forever. When you decide to set your scheduled, or push them out to all your users at month-end, you can rest assured they're getting the right data, pre-filtered and relevant to their most important decisions.

Brand your Exports
Trust in your brand enhances trust in the data

After all the hard work of getting the data into the right place, it's easy for screenshots, PDFs and PowerPoints to float out into the ether with know one knowing who put all these pieces together in the first place. Curator lets you add header and footer slides. When someone fires up the projector or a screen-share, you can ensure your logo is on the cover of the valuable data inside the deck.