Curator Quick Start Guide


Welcome to our quick start guide for Curator - our no-code way to build a centralized analytics hub for your BI tools. This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through the process of creating your analytics portal, integrating your data sources, adding your dashboards, and customizing your user interface. Whether you are doing a trial or setting up your own instance, you have come to the right place!

Getting Started

If you have reached out to an InterWorks Account Executive and had your free trial set up then you should receive an email with your username and password. There are two options to navigate to in the email. The front-end login button will direct you to your portal and show you what your end users will see. The default front-end URL will appear as and is fully customizable.

The admin login button will lead you to administrative settings and the URL default URL will appear as The administrative settings are where you will build your analytics portal, control your authentication, and manage your users. Go ahead and click on the Admin login button.

Note: If you are not in a trial and hosting your own instance then navigate to the backend site URL that your IT team has set up. If we are hosting your website then you should have received the URLs for the front-end and backend.

Admin Settings

Once you have logged in to the backend with your credentials, you should see a homepage screen with menu options, documentation links, and version information.

To the left of your screen, you will see the menu options. These menu options are where you can begin connecting, customizing, and creating your portal. In a Curator trial, there will be 4 different sections:

  • Content - Pages, files and navigation

  • Tableau - Dashboards, filters and parameters

  • Integrations - Tool connections and user group syncs

  • Settings - Curator, upgrade, security and user settings

Note: The menu options for BI tools will vary depending on what connections you have established. Our tutorials are connected with sample Tableau workbooks which is why Tableau is one of the default options.

Update your Account Information and Password

Are you in a Curator trial? Go ahead and navigate to the next page in our guide on Setting Up Your Portal. If you change your trial credentials then we will not be able to easily troubleshoot issues for you!

If you are working on setting up your own instance then click on your profile icon at the top right of the page to update your account information from the default settings.

Once complete, click the save button to save your changes. You are now ready to begin setting up and designing your analytics portal!