Setting Up Your Portal

In this section of the guide you will learn how to update your brand theme, add in your company logos, customize your navigation menu. Let’s start with updating your brand theme!

Updating Your Brand Theme

Click on Settings → Curator → Themes → Main Theme -> Main Theme Global Theme

A live view of your portal will appear on the screen that will display changes being made. We recommend either using the live view or logging into the front end on a separate screen so that you can track your changes to the portal.

Note: You may need to sign into your live view of the portal . Keep in mind that your admin account is separate from your front end account and your credentials may be different. 

On the left-hand side a new menu will appear that will allow you to rename your site, add in your logos, and meta preview data. Adjust these settings as you see fit and once you are done, click the save button on the top right or press enter to lock in your changes.

Theme Customization

You are able to customize your navigation bar appearance within the theme settings. If you have left the theme settings then you can click Settings → Curator → Themes → Main Theme → Main Theme Global Theme → Menu to return.

On the left-hand side you will see various options for you to customize the menu:

  • Main Menu - control what objects are linked in your menu based on navigation hierarchy

  • Navigation Type - customize the location and type of navigation menu

We will not be changing our menu within the quick start guide but feel free to change your menu however you wish and be sure to check out all the other customizable options:

  • Brand - Site Name, Site Logo and Icons

  • Home - Default home page settings

  • Global - Search, Alerts, Mobile Settings

  • Fonts - Customizable font options

  • Menu - Menu design settings​​​​

  • Titles & Toolbar - Page titles and toolbar settings

  • Dashboards - Dashboard tabs

  • Pages - Tile styles, tutorial styles, button options, page margins

  • Footer - Footer options

Once you are done customizing then we are ready to connect to your first dashboard!