Executive Analytics Portal

Distill all your data into the most accessible insights.

With little time in the day, executives need information fast, at the ready and well organized. While systems like Tableau, Thoughtspot, and PowerBI have sophisticated folder structures, these can be dizzying to time-crunched executives. Organize and brand your analytics in a way that resonates with your executive team, giving them answers quickly when they need it the most.

Organize By Department, not by Data
Reduce time spent finding data

Many teams utilize Tableau and other platforms for heavy data platforms.  But it can be a maze to an outsider trying to navigate files and folders that are all constructed to make an analyst's life easier.  Build out a menu in Curator that reflects the way your executives think about the business.  No more complex deep-linking, or nested sub-folder upon sub-folder.  Pare your content down in your executive portal to serve the most relevant data to your audience - keeping the noise away from your audience who needs peace and quiet the most.

Brand Your Work
Build trust with your audience

Your analytics are on the move as much as your executive team is.  Wherever those insights go, make sure your bran is front and center, creating a strong association and strong trust with the people showcasing your work the most. When your executive team finds a valuable insight, you can bet they're going to share it! When they're constantly showing vendor's logos, it can dilute and side-track important conversations around insights and decision-making. Help them stay on track with Curator's branding tools.