Creating Your First Page

Adding A New Page

Building out a page is a great way to add more customization to your dashboards. There are many components available for you to add your own flare and functionality. 

Click on Content → Pages → New Page 

Give your page a title and decide whether you want it to be displayed. Below the title area you will see Page Builder. This is where you can begin to customize your content. Select one of the + icons to open the element options menu and add your desired element to an area.


The default container in your preview represents a single element. These elements can be broken down into 3 different types:

  • Web Elements - images, text objects, search bars, tiles, etc.

  • Analytic Elements - dashboards, simple SQL server reports, etc.

  • Additional Elements - embedded pages, videos, urls, etc.

After choosing your desired element, a menu window will appear on the left side with options to change, delete, and customize your element. Each element will have different customizable options for sizing, padding, and formatting. 

Note: As you are customizing your elements, be sure to take into account mobile, desktop, and tablet layouts to ensure your end users have an intuitive experience. 

Once you are finished designing your page, click create to save your changes. Next we want to add the page to our navigation. Click content → Navigation → New Menu Link. Select your link type as page and select the page you made. Once you click create, you will be brought to the navigation hierarchy where you can adjust how end users will reach the page. After this step your new custom page is now live on the front end!