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    Site Content & Design: Files


    The system supports adding downloadable files and linking to them using the regular navigation menu process. File access can be restricted based on Groups from the Tableau Server. Search keywords are also provided to help narrow down your options when searching.

    To manage files:

    1. Navigate to the backend of the system (e.g. https://www.site.com/backend) and log in if prompted.
    2. Navigate to Content > Files section from the left-hand menu.
    3. Add, modify, or delete files as desired.

    Hidden Settings

    In Curator, there are two general use-cases for uploading files: Images and Documents. By default, the file-features are configured for Images since this is a much more common scenario. See configuration items below that describe treating files as images or documents:

    Hidden: For images, for example a logo, it may cause confusion to surface the logo in search or inside of a "recently viewed" Tiles page-element. In this scenario, hiding the file ensures the logo only shows up on the page you explicitly added it to. However, you may want to show a PDF inside of the search results, or add it as a link to a tile selection. In this case, make sure to un-check the Hidden toggle on the edit-file page.