Product Plans

Curator lets you create beautiful websites and seamlessly embed your analytics into one platform for a better data experience.

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Curator by InterWorks

Create analytic portals for Tableau, Power BI, ThoughtSpot, and more, increasing user adoption and improving content discovery.

Product Features

  • No-Code page-building
  • No-Code Site Styling
  • Straight-forward pricing with Unlimited users*
  • Integrations for Tableau, Thoughtspot, and PowerBI
  • Embed Anything that can be iFramed
  • Group-specific homepages and styles
  • Data Manager for creating input forms
  • Org chart for displaying your team
  • Development Tools
  • Standard Software Support


Three options:

  • SaaS
  • On-Prem (free)
  • Quoted dedicated hosting
Add Enterprise-Level Support: 

Managed Curator

We'll take care of the tech; you focus on the business. Holistic support provided by KeepWatch for your entire infrastructure. 


  • Curator Software (on-prem or hosted)
  • Global Priority Support Queue
  • Curator Monitoring and Performance Optimization
  • Curator Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Curator Upgrades and Patching
  • Curator Consulting and Strategy
  • Curator Backend User Support
  • Management of Additional Systems as Scoped

Managed Curator is provided by 

InterWorks KeepWatch. Learn more ➡

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