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Site Content & Design: Pages

Manual Embed - (iFrames)

Sometimes you need to go beyond Curator's standard embedding capabilities and embed content from your unique or legacy systems into Curator. That's where Curator's Manual Embeds feature comes to the rescue! We'll walk you through the steps to seamlessly embed any other website, using iFrames, into your Curator pages!

Important Considerations:

  • While you're adding Manual Embeds, keep in mind that the embed code should come from trusted sources. This will help you avoid any security risks or funky user experiences.
  • Some systems might require some extra configuration or customization to display perfectly within an iFrame. Check out the documentation or support resources for the specific system you're embedding to ensure compatibility and the best possible display.
  • Don't forget to pay attention to the dimensions and aspect ratio of the iFrame content. We want it to fit smoothly within your Curator page. Adjust those dimensions if needed, so you avoid any cropping or weird distortions.

Adding a Manaul Embed to a Page

  1. Login to the backend of your Curator instance (e.g. https://www.curatorexample.com/backend ).
  2. Navigate to the Content > Pages section from the left-hand menu.
  3. Find the page you'd like to add your Manual Embed to, or click the "+ New Page" button.
  4. One on the page builder editor, click the section you'd like to add your embed to, or click the "+" icon on the page builder page to add a new section.
  5. Click the "Additional Elements" tab from the "Add Element" popup and select the Embed content type.
  6. Choose the dropdown option that best fits your need from the options below
    • iFrame: For use when pasting in a simple URL (e.g. https://mycuratorexample.com/embed)
    • Embed Code (HTML): For use when copying embed code from another website - this will be in HTML and can be identified by searching the copied code for </iframe> - if this string is found in your code it means you are using an iFrame to embed.
  7. Once you've pasted the correct information in, click "Add"