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Setup: Authentication


Curator no longer supports IIS on new installations.

Only use the information below on existing installs. It is highly recommended that you reinstall with Apache for stability, please see our Windows Apache Installation documentation for steps on how to achieve the best Curator experience for Windows.


For current information on how to set up Active Directory on Windows, please see our Active Directory documentation.

Using IIS, you can use the user's AD credentials automatically.

Enable Windows Authentication in "Add/Remove Windows Features". (Sometimes this is known as Add Roles and Features) Server Roles > Web Server (IIS) > Web Server > Security > Window Authentication. Note: This may be found in the Server Manager, not IIS

Once this is added, go to your site in IIS, click "Authentication". Change "Windows Authentication" to "Enabled" and "Anonymous Authentication" to "Disabled".

Authentication settings

Go to the site in the IIS Manager and open the Configuration Editor

Configuration editor

Choose "system.webServer/serverRuntime" for the Section selection. Select UseWorkerProcessUser. Click Apply.

Configuration editor settings

In Curator's Tableau Server Settings, select "Active Directory" as the Authentication Type.

Portal settings

If you have issues, make sure to disable UAC, to allow access to the filesystem. You can find this setting under Control Panel > System and Security > User Account Control Settings.