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Setup: SSL


Curator no longer supports IIS on new installations.

Only use the information below on existing installs. It is highly recommended that you reinstall with Apache for stability, please see our Windows Apache Installation documentation for steps on how to achieve the best Curator experience for Windows.


  1. In IIS Manager, on the left-hand pane, select the server (note: not the site).

  2. On the server Home page double-click Server Certificates (in the center pane).

  3. On the right-hand pane click the Complete Certificate Request link.

  4. Follow the steps below in the Complete Certificate Request wizard, then click OK:

    File name containing the certificate authority's response: Your .cer file

    Friendly name: Give your cert a name! Recommended format: curator-cert-[expiration-date]

    Select a certificate store for the new certificate: Select Web Hosting.

  5. In IIS Manager, on the left-hand pane, select the site that is running Curator.

  6. On the right-hand pane under Edit Site, click Bindings....

  7. In the Bindings window, click Add

  8. Follow the steps below in the Add Site Bindings window, then click OK:

    Type Select https.

    IP address Select the IP address of the site (or select All Unassigned).

    Port Type port 443

    SSL certificate Select the new SSL cert you created in step #4

  9. On the right-hand pane click Restart