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    Creating Integrations: Tableau Connection

    Sometimes there are issues that are hard to diagnose without seeing exactly which API calls Curator is making to Tableau and what responses Curator is getting back from Tableau. To log all of those API calls, Curator provides a Debug Mode for Tableau Server.

    Side Effects

    A word of warning though, when this debug mode is enabled, the amount of logging that takes place is drastically increased and may fill up your server if left on for long periods. Be sure to turn it back off once you've logged enough to diagnose the issue.

    How to Enable Debug Mode

    To turn on Curator's Debug Mode for Tableau Server:

    1. Navigate to Backend > Settings > Tableau > Tableau Server Settings > Advanced tab.
    2. Toggle on the switch labeled Debug Mode for Tableau Server.
    3. Save the settings by using the button in the upper right.

    Using Debug Mode to Troubleshoot

    Once Curator's Debug Mode for Tableau Server is enabled, you'll want to recreate the scenario that led to the troublesome behavior and then view the debug logs by navigating to Backend > Settings > Logs > Event log.

    If you don't see the applicable API calls in the logs, you may need to clear Curator's cache by using the Clear Cache button in the upper right portion of the Backend, and then repeat the steps to recreate the troublesome scenario.