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Site Administration: Backend Administrators

Password Reset

Forget your backend administrator password?

A Curator backend administrator user's password can easily be reset by other users who have Backend User access.

##No one left to reset your password?###

If there is no one else with administrative access to the system, the account can also be reset using the steps below.

  1. Connect to the server running Curator. (Windows: RDP, or with Linux: SSH)

  2. Open a command prompt [Windows Only, Linux will start in a command prompt.]

  3. Change to the webroot directory where Curator is installed.
    Here are some examples:

    • Windows (Apache: Standard):

cd C:\InterWorks\Curator\htdocs; * **Windows (IIS: Legacy):** cd C:\InterWorks\Curator\wwwdata; * **Linux:** cd /var/www/html; ``` 4. Run "artisan" to reset the administrative user:

php artisan winter:passwd