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Users & Groups: User Management

Reset User's Password

When managing users you may find a need to change a user's password on Curator. The method used to change user's passwords will depend on the authentication type you are using on Curator: when using Tableau Server or Curator Users authentication you can reset users passwords within Curator. For all other options you will need to use the source-system of your user store (your IdP) to change the password there.

To reset a user's password:

  1. Login to the backend of your Curator instance (e.g. http://curatorexample.com/backend).
  2. Navigate to the Settings > Tableau > Tableau Users or Settings > Users > Frontend Users section from the left-hand menu.
  3. Find the user in the list that you're looking for in the list of users, then click on the row to navigate to the edit-user page.
  4. Type in a new password for the user, then click the save button
  5. The end user will NOT be notified of this change, so be sure to let them know of the change made.