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    Creating Integrations: Power BI Connection

    If your InterWorks Portal has the Power BI plugin, you can connect it to your Power BI content by configuring the Power BI settings:

    Note: You will need details from your Azure app and your service principal password. If you have not yet set that up, follow the instructions to create a new Azure APP for Curator and/or setting up your Service Principal.

    1. Login to the backend of your Curator instance (e.g. https://www.site.com/backend).
    2. Navigate to the Integrations > Connections section from the left-hand menu.
    3. Click the button at the top to create a new connection.
    4. From here, fill out the Azure App and Service Principal details, then click save.

    Validate a successful connection:

    • The Service Principal connection was successful if the dropdowns in the backend under Power BI > Reports > Create a new report populate.
    • The secret connection was successful if the report loads in the frontend.