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Upgrading & Migration: Upgrading

Dependency Updates

Need to update PHP, Apache, or MariaDB on your webserver?
Curator's upstream dependencies need to be upgraded every so often as well!

Note: Before upgrading any dependencies, it is a good idea to ensure that you have a recent Curator backup available.


First and foremost: ensure all relevant Windows Updates have been applied to your server.

Next, update Curator dependencies.

Curator bundles PHP and Apache upgrades into a simple utility package to make updating them as easy as possible.

To update Curator's dependencies, simply download our Curator Dependency Update Utility.

Once downloaded, simply double-click the utility to run updates. PHP and Apache will be upgraded automatically by this utility.

Note: Internet access is required for this process. Systems without internet access will need to upgrade manually.

To manually upgrade PHP, Apache, or MariaDB, download these utilities using the following links:

  1. PHP
  2. Apache
  3. MariaDB

Note: To upgrade MariaDB, you will need your root database password.
If you do not know this password, check your installation directory for an curator.txt file, which contains the default credentials.

MariaDB on Windows

To upgrade MariaDB on Windows, first stop the CuratorDB Service, using Window's Services app.

You can open Window's Services by simply searching for Services using the Window's start bar.

To stop the CuratorDB process, find it in the Services list, then right click on it and click Stop.

Next, find Curator's MariaDB installation folder.

Note: This can usually be found in C:\InterWorks\Curator\libs\MariaDB.

Rename to MariaDB's bin folder to bin.bkp.

After a successful upgrade, you can delete this backup directory.

Then, download the latest MariaDB package. Unzip this package over top of Curator's MariaDB installation.

Finally, open PowerShell in Administrative mode and run MariaDB's upgrade utility. To open Powershell in Administrative mode, use the search widget in Window's start bar. Search for Powershell, then Right-Click on Powershell and click "Run As Administrator".

Navigate to MariaDB's bin directory and run the upgrade utility.

cd C:\InterWorks\Curator\libs\MariaDB\bin
mysql_upgrade_service.exe --service=CuratorDB

Note: if you have trouble with the MariaDB's service upgrade utility, you can also use the non-service version. To do this, first restart MariaDB in Window's Services app, and then run this command:

mysql_upgrade.exe -u root -p --force


Linux's upstream repositories handle dependency updates, so first ensure you are running a recent version of your Linux distribution.

If you're not sure, you can take a look at our recommended distrubutions on the Linux Installation page.

To update Curator's Linux dependencies, SSH into your web server and cd into the webroot directory (typically /var/www/html) and ensure you're using a user that has full sudo access, and run the command below.

This command will upgrade PHP, MariaDB, Apache, and any other operating system dependencies required by Curator:

curl -s -o php_upgrade_util.sh https://api.curator.interworks.com/scripts/php_upgrade_util.sh && chmod +x ./php_upgrade_util.sh && ./php_upgrade_util.sh