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Site Administration: Performance

Cache Warming

Later page load times are much quicker than the first load due to caching. The "Cache Warming" feature allows a group of users to have their cache warmed every hour. This improves their first page load and avoids that initial long wait for the page to render when logging in.

Enabling the Cache Warming Feature

  1. Navigate to your Curator backend > Settings > Curator > Portal Settings > Features tab.
  2. Enable the “Cache Warming” feature at the top of the Functionality section.
  3. In the "Priority Group for Cache Warming" field, choose a Frontend Group with less than 200 members. The options should already be limited to applicable groups. For more information about creating Frontend Groups, visit the doc.
  4. Hit "Save."


  • Every hour the members of the chosen group will have their cache warmed. This is ran every hour in case another process has cleared the cache such as logging out or making a configuration change.
  • The group has to contain less than 200 members because the process to warm the cache is intensive. Warming for more than 200 members might bog down the queue that runs scheduled processes, preventing other important functions to run.