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Setup: Proxy Configuration

Forward Proxy

Curator utilizes internet access to connect to Tableau Server as well as Curator's web servers for updates. When configured without outbound internet access, Curator upgrades must be performed manually and Tableau Server must be accessible within the LAN.

Often, IT teams prefer to route internet traffic first through a proxy. When configured to work through a proxy, Curator doesn't send requests directly to the internet. Instead, it sends requests to the forward proxy, which in turn forwards the request.

To configure a forward proxy with Curator, Apache configuration files can be used.

On Windows, the curator.conf file is a great place for this configuration. On Linux, /var/www/html/.htaccess, or any of the httpd.conf files can also be utilized.

The proxy_override environment variable points Curator to a specific proxy for web requests. If needed, no_proxy_override can be used to specify a route that should not use the proxy for traffic.

SetEnv proxy_override "http://proxy:80"
SetEnv no_proxy_override "www.example.com"