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Site Administration: Backend Administrators


Backend Administrators accounts are separate from Tableau Server users and only exist on Curator.
Permissions can be customized for a backend user to allow for a range of access.
New permissions become available as you enable "Features" and must be enabled for older users if applicable.

To manage backend users:

  1. If a backend user is unable to view menu items, it is possible they do not have the appropriate backend permissions. These permissions can be edited using the following steps. If the "Backend Administrators" menu item is not visible, it is likely that user does not have the necessary permissions. A backend admin with access to "Backend Administrators" will need to update the permissions for the other user.
  2. Navigate to the backend of the system (e.g. http://curatorexample.com/backend).
  3. Log in if prompted.
  4. Click on Settings > Curator > Backend Administrators in the left navigation.
  5. Click on the "New Backend User" button to create a new user, or click on an existing user to modify user details or permissions.

####SAML Integration####

Curator can integrate backend users with the same SAML authentication that is being used on the front-end. In order for this to work, set up your environemnt following the steps below:

  1. Ensure your SAML authenticaiton has been set up properly.
  2. Login to the backend of your Curator instance (e.g. http://curatorexample.com/backend).
  3. Navigate to the Settings > Curator > Portal Settings section from the left-hand menu.
  4. Click on the General tab and expand the Security section.
  5. Toggle the switch to enable "Force Backend Users to Login Via Frontend Authentication Forms" then click save

After this you can create users normally, and when they visit the backend of Curator they will be redirected to log in via SAML, then re-routed to the backend.
Note: You will need to create backend users as normal following the steps above (including a password) however users will not be able to log in via these credentials due to Force Backend Users to Login Via Frontend Authentication Forms being enabled. Only backend usernames matching frontend usernames will be able to access Curator's administrative interface. Compare the two by checking the Frontend User section and Backend User section.