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Site Content & Design: Pages

User Customized Metrics

User Customized Metrics gives your users the ability to customize their landing page with their desired dashboards that will be displayed in a grid layout. For the best experience it’s recommended to create smaller dashboards or dashboard cards, for example this could be dashboard with your KPI's.

To enable User Customized Metrics:

  1. Navigate to the Content section in the backend of your Curator instance.
  2. Select Pages from the Content dropdown.
  3. Click the New Page button or edit an existing one.
  4. Add a new row element and/or click the Edit Content button (pencil) icon of a row element.
  5. Select User Customized Metrics under the Web Elements tab.
  6. You may wish to tweak some settings by expanding Custom Metrics Settings on the left:
  • Use Keywords allows you to pre-filter the list of dashboards displayed by a specific keyword. This ensures that your users can only pick from dashboards tagged with that keyword. To find out more about keywords click here.
  • Default Dashboards allows you to pre-select the dashboard which are displayed to your user by default.

To select your Customized Metrics on the frontend:

  1. Navigate to the page which has the User Customized Metrics Element.
  2. Login if prompted (you must be logged in).
  3. Click on the Edit button on the top right.
  4. Drag your desired dashboard(s) from Available Dashboards to Selected Tiles.
  5. Click on Save.