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Creating Integrations: Tableau Connection

Alternative URL Routing

Curator connects to Tableau Server to verify a user's access and permissions.

Sometimes, Tableau Server is configured to live behind a "Reverse Proxy". There are many reasons why this configuration may be preferable.

Often, though, Reverse Proxy setups with Tableau are misconfigured. This can lead to trusted ticket whitelisting issues.

Since the Tableau Server whitelisting for issuing a trusted ticket is based on an IP address, when proxies are misconfigured, Tableau Server sees the proxy/load balancer, instead of Curator and rejects the ticket request.

Tableau Server requires tsm configuration options, gateway whitelisting and several headers for these API calls to work correctly.

Working Around Reverse Proxy Setups

Usually, instead of fixing Tableau Server Reverse Proxy setups, routing Curator around them is quicker and easier.

Of course, end users should continue to be routed over the reverse proxy/load balancer.

To configure alternative routing:

  • Go to Integrations > Connections and click on your Tableau Server connection.
  • Place the internal route to Tableau Server in Tableau Server URL.
  • Place the user-facing route to Tableau Server in Alternate Tableau Server URL.

Reverse Proxy Alt URL