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Creating Integrations: Power BI Connection

Azure App Setup


  1. Azure App Setup
  2. Service Principal Setup
  3. Power BI Workspace Access
  4. Curator Connection

Creating an App within the Azure Portal

  1. Log in to the Azure Portal (https://portal.azure.com).

  2. Search for “App Registrations” to start the process.

  3. You will need to provide a redirect URI during this process. The redirect URI should follow this format:


  4. Once the app is registered, make note of the following details from the “Overview” page as you will need them when setting up the configuration on Curator:

    • Application (client) ID
    • Directory (tenant) ID
    • Application ID URI

API Permissions

Your InterWorks Curator Azure App will need several delegated API permissions. While still viewing the registered app, click on the “API permissions” link in the left navigation. Add the following permissions:

  • Azure Active Directory Graph
    • User.Read
  • Power BI Service
    • Dashboard.Read.All
    • Dataset.Read.All
    • Report.Read.All
    • Workspace.Read.All

If you intend to use persistent filters or other functionality that tracks user state, you'll also need to add:

  • Power BI Service
    • UserState.ReadWrite.All

Create a Client Secret

  1. While still viewing the registered app, click on "Certificates & secrets" in the left navigation.
  2. Click the button to add a new client secret.
  3. Fill in the description and adjust the expiration date as desired, and click the save button.
  4. Copy the client secret value and document it in a secure place. Note: You will not be able to retrieve the value again once you leave this screen.

Exposing the API

You may want to configure the API for this client to not prompt users for consent. You can do so by using the “Expose an API” link in the left navigation of the registered app.