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Creating Integrations: Updating Connections

Replace Dashboard URLs

You can find/replace URLs in bulk. If you are modifying your overall Tableau Server Connection settings you may need to update the URL on your Tableau Server Settings or update your REST API connection credentials enabling the rest api.

To replace dashboard URLs

  1. Navigate to the backend of the system (e.g. http://curatorexample.com/backend).
  2. Log in if prompted.
  3. Click on Tableau > Dashboards in the dropdown.
  4. Select the dashboards you'd like to replace the URL for using the checkboxes on the left
  5. Click the "Replace Dashboard URLs" button with the hyperlink logo.
  6. Enter the text you'd like the Portal to FIND in the field "Look for this text in the Dashboard URLs"
  7. Enter the text you'd like the Portal to REPLACE in the field "Replace with"
  8. Click the "Replace" button