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Setup: Trial Quick Start Guide

Setting Up Your Portal

Click on Settings → Curator → Themes → Main Theme

Click on the Main Theme Global Theme to edit our global theme

A live view of your Curator site will appear on the screen. We recommend logging into the front end on a separate screen before making any changes so that you can see the changes you make on your Curator site. Keep in mind that your admin account is separate from the front end accounts. Your credentials may be different based on how you choose to authenticate your users. If you are not able to log into the front end then click SettingsSecurityAuthentication Settings to see how your front end user credentials are being pulled in.

Live preview:Live preview

On the left-hand side:

  • Rename your Curator Site (e.g. ACME Analytics Portal)

  • Upload a logo

    • File formats supported: .jpg, .png, .gif, .svg
    • Curator is flexible with image sizes but we recommend wider over taller logos
    • Logo padding by entering pixels or percentages (Ex: 15px or 20%)
      • Tip: use negative padding if you are trying to increase the size of your image
  • Upload a favicon- the icon used in the browser tab

Favicon example:favicon example

Logo and Favicon Settings:Logo and Favicon Settings

Click Save button on the top right or press enter.

Updating the Navigation Bar

Click on the Menu tab

On the left-hand side you’l see various options.

  • Main Menu
    • This lets you inter-change different main menu objects you may have created
    • For now, leave this as default
  • Navigation Type
    • This lets you alter the location of the menu whether Top Navigation, Mega Menu or Side Navigation
  • Navigation Background Color
  • Navigation Text Color
  • Navigation Highlight Color

There’s other navigation options as well below, but for now, we’ll stick to these main ones.

Other Settings

There’s a whole host of other settings including:

Brand- Site Name, Site Logo and Icons

Home- Default home page settings

Global- Search, Alerts, Mobile Settings

Fonts- Customizable font options

Menu- Menu design settings

Titles & Toolbar- Pages titles and toolbar settings

Dashboards- Dashboard tabs

Pages- Tile styles, tutorial styles, button options, page margins

Footer- Footer options