3 Ways Curator Enables Your Analytics Hub

Where was that again? Finding insight is challenging. Analytics often feels like garage sale shopping—a disorganized pile of random items that are hard to sort. There are treasures to be discovered, but finding them takes work and dedication. That can be fun on a lazy Saturday, but not so much when you have a deadline and need insight now. Is everything in this project in production, up-to-date, and valuable? Which server had that report? Which site? Did they email that to me? Slack? I'm already exhausted.

Sorting through piles can be a fun hobby but stressful when you need something immediately.

Now imagine a single site to visit with all your analytics and tools. Imagine a cohesive visual experience where reports are easy to find and share. That sounds like a breath of fresh air, right? With Curator by InterWorks, you can create an internal analytics portal to search with ThoughtSpot, study a Tableau dashboard, and peek at a Power BI report without missing a beat.

Curator creates a modern gateway to the modern analytics stack, letting you use the best tools for the job while delivering a unified experience. 

An elevated experience makes finding what you need more accessible and enjoyable

Curator creates this central analytics hub by allowing you to do three things with your analytics. First, Curator makes branding and styling your analytics easy, delivering a user experience that's familiar and trustworthy. Second, Curator allows you to customize that experience further, so users can find what they need faster. Third, it helps unify your analytic platforms and surrounding content to make it easier to discover and combine for increased impact. These combined lead to more user engagement, increased adoption, and ultimately better data-driven decision-making. Let's look at each of these things in a bit more detail.


75% of your users judge the credibility of content based on its visual design. Leveraging your brand and creating a consistent look and feel is more than mere window dressing. It's a core part of having users take analytics seriously. By applying a cohesive style to your analytics, you build trust, make it easier to sort through, and create a more enjoyable experience that users will repeat. Curator gives you some easy-to-use, no-code tools to increase user adoption and trust. Quickly set global styles for all your pages by dragging in your logo and inputting your brand colors with our color picker.

You're not limited to a single style, either! You can customize the site, allowing one group to have a dark theme while another could have a light theme. Going further could have unique team logos appear on the homepage or create a custom experience for your executives. It's as simple as choosing a group and starting a new style with our no-code tools.


Returning to your users, 79% list usability as their top priority. 63% expect content to be curated. 54% expect personalized content. Those stats will only grow over time as the apps we use continue to improve. A customized user experience is simply table stakes, but luckily Curator provides you the tools to tailor the data experience to your users.

In Curator, it starts with navigation. It's simple to choose the navigation style, add icons, and organize how you see fit. You can easily tag groups of content with Keywords and quickly sort into menus via drag and drop controls. Curator also has Page Builder that allows you to create custom homepages and landing pages for content. Combine these with your analytic tools' navigation and drill-down features, and you can make a compelling way to find insights.

Like with branding, you can tailor customizations for each user group. You can create custom menus and homepages, apply content security, and enable specific features depending on a user's group membership. These features mean that you can deliver a focused Executive experience that jumps right into their KPIs, a branded vendor experience to help align on current campaigns, and a more general exploration experience for your analysts – all within a single Curator instance.


Going back to our garage sale experience, the core problem is not only the lack of organization that usually is present but having no clue if the item you want is even at this place. It could be across the street or town. There is no way to be at all the garage sales simultaneously. That said, Curator allows us to bridge all of our analytic platforms together, creating a single experience to search and explore.

Unifying starts with our content integrations for platforms like Tableau, Thoughtspot, and Power BI. Curator connects to these platforms, making it easy to import content and leverage your existing security. With these platforms, Curator will only ever show content in menus or tiles that a user has access to see. That means that Curator provides a customized experience right out of the box based on user security.

It doesn't stop there. Curator makes adding other systems like SSRS, Youtube, and Box easy. Mix and match text, media, and analytics to create a powerful experience. Any system that can be embedded can be brought into Curator. Many of these will provide easy-