Where Did My Tableau Server Connection Go?

Mark Bingham
Curator Experience Lead
June 20, 2022

We’ve been hearing this question a lot from Curator customers and wanted to clear up any confusion you might, or might soon, be experiencing.

In the latest version of Curator, we moved the Connectivity settings (previously under Settings > Tableau > Tableau Server Settings) into its own standalone section to better support multiple BI platforms:

This means connecting to your Tableau, Power BI and now ThoughtSpot instances will become more independent and increase the flexibility of your users’ experience with Curator. All of your existing connections will have migrated under this new section. You can find it in the left-hand menu in the Integrations > Connection section. If you do not see this right away, ensure your backend user has the permissions enabled for Integration: Manage Connections. Here’s a look at the new Integrations page:

If you have any other questions or find that you’re running into the same issues over and over, feel free to reach out to the Curator team. We’d love to help, and even better, we’d love to improve future versions of Curator to avoid those challenges altogether.