Style. Is. Everything. Introducing: Curator Themes

Justin Lyons
Curator Engineer
November 8, 2022

Style. Is. Everything.

Don’t you agree? And it isn’t just having style, it’s having your own style. Have you had that moment where you enter a party and catch the eyes of someone wearing your exact outfit? The tension is palpable. The shame is great. The desire to immediately wear anything else washes over your entire consciousness!

Okay, to be fair, you probably don’t care that much about your clothes. But branding is important, and a primary reason you have (or should have) Curator. You want (or should want) to bring your various analytic platforms together in an environment that feels like your brand. If you’re a larger company, you may even have departments that have their own brand and style guide. Our solution for this is Group Overrides, and assigning Themes is about to get a whole lot easier.

Curator Themes Coming Soon

Imagine the manager in the finance department informed you that their whole style guide is now the same as human resources group so you go to the Curator Backend > Settings > Users > Frontend Group Overrides and change twenty-seven settings to get it to match correctly. This is a lot of tedious, gross work.

Enter Themes.

You already have the HR Theme built so you can simply go to the finance Override and change the single Theme setting and be done! One change is much better than twenty-seven.

Tell Me More!

You'll be able to find your Themes at the Curator Backend > Settings > Curator > Themes. There's going to be one “Main Theme” out-of-the-box that is undeletable, so you don’t accidentally end up with nothing. The Main Theme will already be applied in your Portal Settings and is the global fallback for all styles. If you had Curator with Group Overrides before November 2022, then there should also be Themes for each of those Overrides. These Override Themes will also be automatically set in the Frontend Group Overrides section of the backend and will override the default Theme.


  • Why change the existing system?

The existing system makes it difficult to experiment with your styles. The preview is helpful, but there isn’t a way to save your work and revisit it unless you want it to go live. With the new system you can create as many Themes as you’d like, work collaboratively on them with other Curator admins, and apply it whenever it’s honed and ready to go!

  • Where do I change my style settings?

You'll go to the Curator Backend > Settings > Curator > Themes, choose the Theme you’d like to edit, and get to stylin’! The list denotes whatever Theme you’ve chosen to be the global one so you don’t have to worry about affecting the frontend.

  • How do I change a Theme setting for a Group Override?

You'll be able to edit all your Themes at the Curator Backend > Settings > Curator > Themes. Your Group Overrides have a setting called “Global Theme” beneath the General tab that you can check to ensure you’re editing the correct one.

  • What happens if the Theme my Group Override is using only has the logo overridden and nothing else?

It depends! Themes have an option to fall back to the Global Theme you’ve chosen in Portal Settings or to a clean-slate basic look. If you’re creating a new Theme that is ninety-nine percent the Global Theme with one minor tweak, you can choose to have all the other settings fall back to the Global. On the other hand, if you’re wanting to start from scratch, you can have all the settings fallback to the basic out-of-the-box Curator look.

  • What happens if a user is in two groups that both have overridden Themes?

The user will get the Theme set in the applicable Override with the lowest ID. You can sort the Overrides by ID at the Curator Backend > Settings > Users > Frontend Group Overrides. 

  • What happens if I am importing from an older version of Curator?

The import process will automatically pull the styles settings out of the Portal Settings and give you the option to import them over your Main Theme (the undeletable one).