Meet the Team Behind Curator

April 22, 2021

You may know that InterWorks has a lot of technical expertise to offer. We’re a small company, but we pack a pretty mean punch when it comes to specialties, areas of support and ways we can help clients reach their goals. The Experience team at InterWorks, specifically, is made up of designers, developers and product innovators. This is where our Curator team comes in.

When you become a Curator customer, you’ll probably work with team members at every level of the Experience team. Maybe you’re already on a first-name basis with some of our folks! If not, we want to go ahead and introduce them to you (because we think they’re pretty awesome and think you might, too).

Behind the Curator scenes is a team of dedicated, talented individuals who are passionate about what they do and can’t wait to help you bring the data experience of your dreams to life. Here’s a little more about them. 

The Design Team

The designers are in charge of branded analytics and UX/UI. With a sharp eye for design, they establish and implement the best practices that the developers build upon and our innovators imagine into the future. 

David Duncan - Team lead

The Developers

The developers are those who support you throughout the setup of your instance. They bring clarity and efficiency to the UI you know and love, and their boundless creativity is always angling for new ways to improve processes and features on the backend. 

Mark Bingham 

Justin Lyons 

Nathan Ojeda 

Matthew Orr 

The Product Innovators

Finally, the product innovators oversee the Curator offering at its highest level. With a firm finger on the pulse of customer feedback, Ben and Derrick imagine new possibilities for Curator and clear a path to make them manifest.  

Ben Bausili 

Derrick Austin 

Get to Know Us Better

We can't wait to work with you and begin creating the right solutions to meet your needs and showcase your analytics. If you'd like to learn more about the Experience Practice or have questions about Curator, connect with us! We'd love to support you.