Easy Tableau Dashboard Feedback in Curator 

Ben Bausili
Global Experience Practice Lead
January 24, 2022

Did you know you can provide a user feedback form on each of your Tableau dashboards using Curator?

To get this feature, we’ll need to do a few things:

  • Ensure the Data Manager feature is turned on
  • Build out the fields we want to capture using Data Attributes
  • Associate those fields into a Data Group
  • Assign that Data Group to act as our User Feedback under Tableau Settings

Step 1: Ensure the Data Manager Is on

In your Curator backend, go to Settings > Curator > Portal Settings and select the Features tab. Under Functionality, there will be a Data Manager toggle. Make sure it’s set to On:

Step 2: Build out the Fields We Want to Capture with Data Attributes

Now that you have Data Manager turned on, you should have a Data Manager menu folder in your backend side navigation. Go to Data Manager > Data Attributes to set up the fields you want:

In the Create Attribute page, you’ll set the name, an optional description and the field type. If you’re looking to create a general comment field, Long Text is a good option. You can also create a rating field with either the Dropdown or Number field type. If you use the number, set some validation rules so you have an appropriate scale. Importantly, you’ll want to create a Short Text field to store the dashboard URL:

Step 3: Associate Those Fields into a Data Group

With some fields defined in Data Attributes, we can now group them together as a Data Group. Go to Data Manager > Data Groups to set up your feedback group:

There are lots of options in the Data Group page, but the required elements will be setting the name, such as User Feedback, and selecting the Attributes you created in step 2:

Step 4: Assign that Data Group to Act as Our User Feedback Under Tableau Settings

With our Data Group ready, we’re almost there! Navigate to Settings > Tableau > Tableau Server Settings. You should be on the General tab and see a section called Dashboard Feedback. Click the + and you’ll get two dropdowns. For the FeedbackForm dropdown, add your newly created Data Group. For the Dashboard URL Field, add the Data Attribute you created to store the dashboard URL.


With that, a dashboard feedback form has been added to every dashboard you have in Curator. When you’re ready to analyze your data, you can go to Data Manager > Manage Data to view individual comments or go to Web Data Connector to download a flat file or connect Tableau directly to your dataset for analysis: