July 2023 Curator Release Roundup

Kate An
July 28, 2023

Hello, readers! As the sun shines its brightest, we are thrilled to bring you an exciting lineup of new cool features that will add a splash of freshness and excitement to your July. This scorching summer month is about to get even hotter with these updates. Let’s dive right into Curator’s July Roundup!

New Features and Changes

Active Directory

  • Added option to strip domain prefix when using AD authentication.


  • Added User ID support for GA4 and GTM.

Above: Google Analytics ID fields in Portal Settings.


  • Added the “Download Debug Package” button to the Event Logs page.

Data Manager

  • Added a list of associated groups to attributes.

Above: List of Data Groups that use the URL Data attribute.

  • Improved desktop layout for data manager forms.

Above: Curator Contact Us page with responsive form.


  • Added support for uploading larger export files (maximum is now 300MB).


  • Added an SSL certificate expiration warning to the notification system/email (warning begins at 30 days prior to expiration).

  • Added “Curator cannot locate dashboards using Tableau Connection” warning to the notification status page and admin emails.


  • Moved vendor assets to the vendor folder.

Report Builder

  • Added a note clarifying Tableau Cloud support for RLS using report builder.

Scheduled Report

  • Added ability to send Scheduled Report with API key and report ID

Above: API call to send Scheduled Report on the API Keys page.


  • Added metadata to backend notifications for singleton detection.