Curator Tips & Tricks: User Menu Access

Caleb Toews
May 22, 2024

“Why are some of our Curator users getting ‘access denied’ messages on their Curator dashboard pages?” “Did I import the wrong dashboard?” “Is there an extra security setting I need to configure in the backend?” “Why do I always eventually end up with only one sock from all of the pairs that I own?”

If you’ve been a Curator admin for a while, you may have asked yourself questions like this before. When changes happen in your analytics platform, such as workbook reorganization, user group membership alteration, or deprecation of outdated dashboards to make way for the new and improved, they can sometimes result in misalignment with user access architecture in Curator. If you have users reporting access issues, your first stop on the road to resolution should be the User Menu Access button. This feature gives you a snapshot view of any given user’s current menu structure, as well as their permissions status for all the content within that menu. This view allows you to quickly identify any content that needs further attention from your analytics platform admin so that proper access can be restored.

To use this feature, first navigate to the edit user screen by navigating in the Curator backend to Settings > Users > Frontend Users and click into the desired user:

From here, click on the User Menu Access button to bring up the menu permissions view:

If you have more questions about managing Curator, or feel the need to get started on your Curating journey, feel free to drop us a line!