Curator New Feature Spotlight: Username Mapping

Justin Lyons
Curator Engineer
November 17, 2022

Do you have groups of friends or family that call you different names? Have you ever had two of these groups collide, each calling you something different and being confused when you respond to a strange nickname? Maybe your paper company coworkers call you “Andy” and your college buddies call you “’Nard Dog”? Or maybe your analytics infrastructure was built by disconnected groups and the username formats don’t match across the systems? We can’t help you, ‘Nard Dog, but we can bring your analytic platform users together in Curator!

How it Works

Curator's username formatting feature will take the username received from your authentication source (SAML IdP, Tableau Server local auth, ThoughtSpot local auth, etc.) and map it to another format based on the API call being made. For instance, if Okta is returning the username as an email address but Tableau Server users use the prefixed domain format, the following will happen (assuming the username is “interworks\curator” in Tableau Server):

  • User logs into Curator via Okta using their Okta credentials.
  • Okta returns the username as “”.
  • Curator automatically re-formats the username to “interworks\curator” in order to sync the Tableau Server user details.

How to Configure

  • Navigate to the Curator Backend > Settings > Users > Username Mapping.
  • Specify the username format your authentication source is returning to Curator using the 'Curator Frontend Username Format' field.
  • Specify the username format for each Connection you've configured in Curator. You can use a different format per Connection.

Supported Formats

The following are the supported username formats assuming the username is “curator” and the domain is “interworks”:

Username Format

Mapped Example

Username Only


Username with Prefixed Domain


User Email

If you have any questions about Username Mapping or other Curator features reach out to us here!