Curator New Feature Spotlight: Updates to Group Override

Caleb Toews
June 9, 2022

This post is an update to a previously published blog about the Group Override feature. The content below reflects the most up-to-date UI and interactive functionalities.

Not only is Curator useful to your internal team, it’s also great for sharing information with your partners, customers and any other external stakeholders.

One way Curator has become a go-to product for sharing with anyone, or everyone, is that it provides a way to white-label your analytics. Whether you don’t want people to know your secret weapon is Tableau, or you use multiple reporting platforms and need a tool-agnostic place for users to go, Curator is up to the task.

Introducing New Group Override

Many of our clients have asked if there’s a way to customize the portal based on who is logged in at the time. An example is a company selling analytics to their clients through their portal, where the clients would like to see their own logo and color scheme when they log in. The portal has always been able to do that, but it was a manual process to set up.

The Group Override feature in Curator makes this process simple and smooth with less effort required and fewer steps to take along the way. Many different settings, including logo and colors, can now be customized on a per-Tableau-user-group basis.

To override settings for a certain group, navigate to Settings > Tableau > Frontend Group Overrides > New Group Override in the backend of Curator. From there, you’ll specify which group you want to override settings for then customize them as you wish:

Once you save, any user that logs in with that group will see the overridden stuff instead of the global settings. So, instead of seeing a default look and feel like this:

Your users can see a Dark Mode version like this:

I hope this is helpful in bringing even deeper customization and security to your Curator instance!