Curator New Feature Spotlight: Collapsible Side Navigation

Stefanie Niemzok
Curator Engineer
February 14, 2022

We all know the issue of limited screen size and the wish we have to give our data more room to breathe. Well, you asked for it, and now we have a new feature that allows you to easily create more space for your data and content!

Make Room by Collapsing Side Navigation

Since version 2022.02.02, you can add a trigger to your side navigation that enables your users to make room when they consume your data. It looks and feels the same as our mobile burger menu, but it works on normal screen sizes. So from now on, all your screens can use the collapsible side navigation without any workaround:

To enable the feature, simply navigate to your backend under Settings > Portal Settings and head over to the Styles tab. Here, we offer you a live preview of your style changes, so you don't need to jump back and forth between your Curator frontend and backend:

In the Menu Options section, you will see the new toggle appear once you have selected Side Navigation as your Navigation Type. Simply toggle on Collapsible Side Nav and enjoy the view:

Some Pro Tips

  • The line and the background colors are tied to the Navigation Text Color and Navigation Background Color respectively.
  • The collapsible side navigation works best with a squared logo due to the styling in the collapsed state. If you want to show a rectangular logo in the open state, however, you can upload that logo and add this little css snippet to the Advanced Styles tab:

Of course, you can input any width you'd prefer your logo to have in the open side nav.

And that’s it! Enjoy the extra space and let the ample room create an even more satisfying user experience.