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Increase user adoption with a unified entry point for your analytics. Curator is the no-code way to build analytics portals for Tableau, Power BI, ThoughtSpot, and beyond!

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Make Analytics Matter

Curator is built for analytics and analysts, allowing our customers to increase user adoption by as much as 350%. Curator lets you quickly create company analytic portals for employees and customers. You can further customize the experience to target the specific needs of your executives or other VIP users.

With our tools, you'll gain control over your data governance process and increase the impact of your analytics. Easily white-label Tableau, Thoughtspot, or Power BI to deliver a branded experience to your users. 

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Redesign the
Data Experience

Curator exists to elevate your dashboards, helping your audience connect with them. By using the embedded analytic capabilities of Tableau, Power BI, and ThoughtSpot with the power of Curator, you can create a unified analytics portal that increases user adoption, improves onboarding, and delivers truly impactful analytics.

Who Is Curator for?

Curator helps you effectively reach your audience: internal or external,profit or non-profit, local or global. Find and share your analytics with ease in a custom analytics portal.

Data Champions

Increase impact
with an Analytics Portal

Customer & Vendor Managers

Provide data and insight

with a Customer Portal

Analytics Leaders

Improve data governance

and user-adoption with a Data Hub

Data Product Managers

Get to market faster and

monetize your data

Easy to Deploy, 

Enterprise Ready

Curator Enterprise comes with proven security, scale and is fully supported.


Enterprise-Grade Security

  • Single-Sign On (SSO) Integration
  • Two-Factor Authentication


Enterprise-Grade Scale

  • High Availability*
  • Multiple Site Control through Central Dispatch*
  • Centrally Manage Upgrades and Deployments*
  • Customize Curator per User Group


Enterprise-Grade Support

  • Global Priorty Queue*
  • Dedicated Account Team*
  • Yearly Deployement Review*


* Indicates an Enterprise Plan feature, see our Plans page for more info.

Hassle-free setup and integration within one week.

No code required.

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