Tableau and All Your Other Analytics in One Place

 Just imagine a beautiful entry point to all your analytics—a single website where you can study your Tableau dashboards, glance at a legacy report and watch a how-to video. Does this sound like analytics bliss? Curator is your gateway to the modern analytics stack, bringing all your platforms together into a single, tailored experience. Get to know Curator in just 2-minutes.

+  Your Brand

White-label Tableau with ease. Bring a custom experience to your customers, vendors and employees with no-code tools. Curator is the fastest way to create a white-labeled, branded experience that integrates and extends Tableau. Use Curator to create:

  • Global analytics hub
  • Executive portals
  • Data product sites for customers
  • Vendor and client reporting sites
  • Customer data presentations
  • Regional or department analytic sites

+  All Your Tools

Curator enables a 'best-of-breed' experience. Easily combine Tableau and Power BI to bridge the gap between internal teams or bring Tableau and ThoughtSpot together to enable new capabilities.

By allowing Tableau to live alongside your other tools, you'll create a home for all your analytics. Increase user adoption by ensuring all the necessary tools are available in a single location. With Curator you can leverage the content you've already built in other platforms while still empowering your users with all the latest modern analytics has to offer.

Curator for Tailored Customer Experiences

Curator enables Tableau customers to create tailored experiences for their customers. With features such as our user-group override, you can create completely custom experiences for each of your customers.

  • White-label to each of your customers' brands
  • Focus homepages, menus and content per user group
  • Empower customers with data and search in a secure environment

Curator for Impactful Employee Experiences

Never ask 'Where was that report?' again. Curator unifies your entire analytics ecosystem and improves your Tableau governance process. Combine platforms like Tableau, ThoughtSpot, Power BI, and your legacy BI tools with text and media to tell better data stories and create better data tools. Empower data-driven decisions by making vetted, curated analytics easily discoverable to all your employees. Even create a network of Curator sites to serve all your user group needs.

  • Centralize all your analytics in a curated, searchable website
  • Have complete control over the navigation with custom menus, homepages, keyword tagging, and landing pages
  • Create custom analytics experience for executives, departments, vendors and R=regions
  • Combine data tools, reference materials, and analysis all in one place

Report Builder for Tableau

Empower users to combine Tableau reports into powerful experiences. Curator's Report Builder feature works across workbooks, sites and even servers to produce branded PDF and PowerPoints. Report Builder has a range of customizations including allowing you to upload a PowerPoint template, add watermarks, upload images, specify default slides and more! 

  • Users can create custom reports leveraging existing resources
  • No knowledge of Tableau required
  • Download or schedule (with refreshed data)
  • Send by email to your audience

Hassle-Free Setup, Enterprise Ready

No Code Required