Product Solutions

Curator lets you create beautiful websites and seamlessly integrate your analytics into one platform for a better data experience.


Global Analytics Hub

Increase user adoption by bringing all your analytics and data resources together in a single, easy-to-use website.

  • Multiple tools, files and links in a single place
  • Write blog posts and help docs
  • Easily communicate what is in production
  • Customize to department or region

Regional & Department Sites

With Curator Enterprise, you can create centrally managed websites, putting power in the hands of your teams. Use Central Dispatch to create and manage:

  • Regional sites
  • Departmental sites
  • Executive portals

Data Monetization

You have data and expertise that customers need. Curator lets you build a unique site to deliver and monetize your data.

  • White-label for each client
  • Control features based on customer purchase
  • Easily create custom analytics
  • Tell your data stories by mixing text, data and images

Vendor & Client Sites

Create a branded location for your customers, vendors and other external users.

  • White-label to the customer’s brand
  • Provide a focused experience
  • Empower with data in a secure environment

Customer Presentations

With Report Builder functionality, you can create personalized reports for your customers.

  • Create personalized pages and sites
  • Generate a PowerPoint or PDF of your Tableau content
  • Deliver customer reports directly to their inbox
Data Product Accelerators

App-Embedded Analytics

Curator can also be embedded into other applications, such as Salesforce, SharePoint or your own custom web application. This allows you to use the application you’re already used to, all while benefiting from all of Curator’s powerful features and security.

Headless CMS

Curator features a full range of APIs that you can leverage to build your own frontend application. Use our backend to easily manage the content and build a custom experience on our APIs to easily know how content should be organized.