Curator 101: Custom Fonts

Caleb Toews
June 24, 2022

The ability to utilize custom fonts is one of many Curator features that allow you to provide a unique and cohesive experience for your users. Whether you use a standard web-safe font, a proprietary font you use company-wide to maintain brand identity, or you have internal users that would feel much more comfortable if you only used a font with ogre ears attached to all the capital letters like in the Shrek film franchise logo—whatever font you might need, bringing them into your Curator instance is quick and easy! 

To get started, first navigate to the Content section of the navigation menu in the backend of your Curator instance. From there, select Fonts in the drop-down menu, which will bring you to the Fonts page where you can view and select existing fonts or bring in new ones: 

Graphical user interface, table

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All Curator instances come preloaded with 16 fonts, including the industry-standard websafe fonts. If desired, you can hide these websafe fonts from the global view, but they cannot be removed:

Graphical user interface, text, application, email

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To add a new font to your library, first click the New Font button:

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From here, you can enter the title for your new font, as well as select whether you’ll be using an External URL ...

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… or if you’ll add a font file (or files) to bring in a custom font. Google’s fonts website is a great resource for linking to or downloading new font files btw. 

When uploading new font files, just click the Add New Item button to upload files individually:  


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If you have multiple files, just toggle on Batch add Font Files and select all the files that you would like to upload for that font family: 

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After you’ve completed these steps, click the Create button, and your new font is now available to use in Curator! Available fonts can be accessed in the Settings > Curator > Portal Settings > Styles: