Three Ways Curator Enhances the Data Experience

Ben Bausili
Experience Practice Lead
September 24, 2020

Curator by InterWorks is an easy-to-use platform for building beautiful, analytic websites. Built by the people of InterWorks, Curator is informed by our deep love of data and Tableau to solve the problems of our global client base.

Curator empowers you to seamlessly integrate your analytics into one platform, allowing you to continue to use your current BI tools while still delivering a better data experience. But how does Curator really create a “better data experience”? We’re so glad you asked. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Showcase and Share Your Best Work
This tool stems from InterWorks’ deep experience of doing analytics world-wide with companies just like yours. In our work building data platforms and fostering new analytics communities, we’ve noticed a continued need to curate the content being produced. Curation allows content to be trusted and easier to find. In the end, it doesn’t matter how good a dashboard is if it can’t be found. And if it’s not found, it won’t be loved. Sad…

It comes down to this: the entire end-user experience matters. How your users log in, the navigation they use, the homepage they land on, the graphics and color and how insight is communicated all add up to a cohesive experience that represents your brand. Tableau helps us create a good experience in a dashboard, but we need a tool to build the experience around the dashboard. That’s what Curator by InterWorks does.

Curator creates a more unified data experience by doing three things. First, it helps you integrate dashboards from existing systems like Tableau. Second, it enables you to customize the data-discovery experience with extensive controls over navigation, layout and search. Lastly, it empowers you to showcase your best work in a seamless, branded web portal.

Seamless Integration Enhances User Engagement
It all starts with integration. Curator is connected to your Tableau or Power BI environment, making it easy to import your content. Just select the items you want, and our tool creates the pages for you. Other BI tools can also be integrated via iframe in our page creation tool.

Those pages will be beautiful by default but can be made even better with branding. Drag and drop your logo to leave your mark on every page. In our easy-to-use style settings, you can go even further by adding your brand colors to make the experience truly unique to your company.

Curator doesn’t stop at adding content or making it stylish. It gives you tools like navigation, homepages and keywords to help you organize your content, which makes it easier to discover. Easily mix and match the various options in user-friendly drop-down menus. You can have top navigation with a classic homepage or side navigation with your logo splashed across the screen. If you can dream it up, Curator can make it happen!

Recently, customers have wanted to keep track of the impact of world events on their business and have leveraged features like keywords to tag content, making the latest and greatest analysis available on a single, always up-to-date page.

A Personalized Product Tailored to User Needs
Of course, we all don’t need access to the same materials. Curator respects the security of Tableau and automatically hides content users do not have access to. Further, you can tailor homepages, navigations and even styles to each user. An executive audience can get access to their KPI dashboard while a broader business audience gets a selection of featured dashboards. We even have customers change the branding of each homepage to match their clients’ own brands. To their users, Curator looks like a completely separate website for each client while still being a single place to manage everything.

Finally, we extend the functionality of your content. We make it easy with tools like our Page Builder and Story Points to mix text, images and analysis into a single page, allowing you to better tell your data stories. Your users will be able to get more out of your Tableau content with features like Report Builder, which allows them to stitch together their discoveries from across the site into a single PowerPoint or PDF. They can even schedule it for delivery with fresh data on a recurring basis.

Countless Possibilities to Customize Your Vision

That’s just scratching the surface of the features we have to help you tell your stories, share your insights and guide your users. Features like tutorials make sure your users know exactly what to do with the dashboard they are presented with.

Curator is built by the passionate people of InterWorks and is supported by our Experience team. When you buy Curator by InterWorks, you are getting more than a tool. We are excited to partner with you to build your vision. We will walk you through the entire process of setup, design and configuration, so you can begin delivering value in as little as 1-2 weeks.

Are you ready to unify your data experience? Contact us to get started today.