Getting Started With Curator Is Easy!

Ready to jump in with Curator? The process is super straightforward. We’ll work with you on three fronts to ensure a thorough yet timely implementation. Our team of experts will guide you through the process the whole way, and once everything is set up, you’ll have our team to help continue the journey with Curator. See how it works.

Install & Configure

We start with installation and integration into your existing systems, as well as developing the desired dashboards.


Our designers work with you on developing a custom style and then apply that style to your Curator portal.

Training & Support

Our support team helps you master Curator and provides support from project start to well beyond project completion.

With networking and security aligned, we can have your on-prem Curator Standard website running in two weeks. Curator Online can be spun up within a couple of days and you can start configuration right away!

Standard Installation Includes

  • Installation and configuration of Curator software
  • Initial connection to Tableau Server(s)
  • Integration with supported security mechanism of choice
  • Basic styling with default themes modified with company logo and color*

*Custom themes or modifications that require code are available at an hourly rate.

Go Beyond Standard

Find More Installation Options

What You Need to Get Started

Styling and Design

Curator is all about making the experience your own!

To help us make your experience unique, collect any relevant brand guides or marketing materials.

Connecting our team to any internal brand experts can also be helpful in this journey.

Now is also a good time to decide on a navigation path structure that makes sense for your end users. This is highly configurable, so don't worry if you want to experiment after installation.


Curator synchronizes with Tableau Server using Tableau’s “Personal Access Tokens”.

Using a site or server, create a new token for Curator to use.

To facilitate a seamless user experience, using Trusted Tickets or Single Sign On (SSO) such as SAML or OAuth is recommended.

During installation, our team will work with you to connect Curator with these systems.

Server Requirements

Curator Online

With Curator Online, we take care of hosting for you. We simply need the domain name you want Curator to live on. This could be something simple like, or as unique as you’d like it to be.

Curator Standard/Enterprise

If you are hosting, you will need a stand-alone web server on which to install the software.

This can be highly customized, but plan on following minimum specifications:

  • Linux (preferred) or Windows
  • At least 4 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and 20GB of disk space available
  • Ports open for web traffic (80 and 443)
  • A disaster recovery plan