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Setup: Proxy Configuration

Reverse Proxy

When installing Curator, you may wish to place Curator behind a reverse proxy or load balanced solution.

Health Checks

Health checks should be run against the /ping route instead of simply the base / route. The base / route will often return a 302 redirect, which many load balancers view as a "down" response. The /ping route will always return a 200 response.


When your users access Curator over the reverse proxy, specific "headers" are used to tell Curator how to process the request.

X-FORWARDED-FOR : The IP address of the end user. X-FORWARDED-HOST : The host name of the request.             Note: A "Forced Domain" in Portal Settings->Security overrides this value.X-FORWARDED-PROTO : Whether to use HTTPS or HTTP for routes.

Unable to adjust headers

Often, reverse proxy solutions are missing some or all of these headers.

To help configure a reverse proxy with Curator, Apache configuration files can be used.

On Windows, the curator.conf file is a great place for this configuration. On Linux, /var/www/html/.htaccess, or any of the httpd.conf files can also be utilized.

SetEnv HOST "example.curator.interworks.com"
SetEnv HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST "example.curator.interworks.com"

SetEnv HTTPS "on"

In addition to these settings, the security settings in Settings > Curator > Portal Settings > General can be used. In particular, Forced Domain and Force SSL should be utilized to specify the domain of Curator and to use SSL.